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Now have a Blackberry 8520 Smartphone

On Thursday I received a Blackberry 8520 to replace my faulty 8310. The 8520 is a darn lovely phone and an improvement over 8310.

There is no longer the trackball button which is replaced with a trackpad type style of control wish is more responsive and has built in 54g Wi-Fi which one can use to have a wireless broadband connection to your company’s Blackberry Enterprise Server if you use one.

Here is a link to the 8520 specs

WordPress for BlackBerry Public Beta

Since I’ve heard hat WordPress were going to release an Official Blackberry Application for their blogging software I’ve been checking now and then to see if it’s out.

Looks like it’s been out for the past month and there has been a few beta updates (currently at as I type this). I’ve yet to give it a spin my self as I have Wi-Fi internet here on the chalet site in North Devon but hope to soon.

Here are the system requirements for the app and download link straight off the WordPress for Blackberry site

  • The app is for and self-hosted WordPress version 2.5.1 or newer
  • This app should work with any of the new BlackBerry devices such as the 8700, Pearl, Curve, Bold, and Storm
  • BlackBerry OS requirements are OS 4.2.1 or newer
  • For self-hosted WordPress sites, please make sure you have XML-RPC enabled. To confirm, it’s a simple check box in your dashboard under Settings –> Writing

A few words of caution before you proceed: While we’ve tested this a bunch, this is a beta and there are a ton of hardware/OS combinations out there, so please test with a private blog or a backup blog before using on your high-traffic main blog — or wait for the 1.0 version before using this.

To install the beta application: Point your BlackBerry browser to and follow the instructions. Most BlackBerrys will install apps, including this one, in the “Downloads” folder.

We will be pushing updates out on a fairly frequent basis, and the app should prompt you to download a new version. When you install the update, it will ask you to overwrite the current app. Doing so will just overwrite the app, but your settings and local drafts should be preserved.

If you find bugs: Review the How To Report a Bug documentation and submit tickets over on

Facebook for Blackberry Smartphones v1.6

I’ve just come across a post on the Facebook Blackberry fan page that the Facebook for Blackberry application is now at 1.6

The new features include.

  • Highlights – View your friends’ highlights like status updates, photo uploads, comments and wall posts.
  • Profile – Check out your friends’ profiles and have access to status updates, wall posts, friends and recently added pictures.
  • Improved photo viewing – Open recently added photos, entire albums or tagged photos of friends.
  • Download the new version from here using your Blackberry Desktop Manager or Blackberry Browser.

    BlackBerry Curve 8520 ‘Gemini’ discovered

    Images of the new BlackBerry Curve 8520 smartphone have just been leaked for our viewing pleasure. The updated device boasts some interesting new features from its designers at Research in Motion, which come as an addition to that available on the high street at the moment.

    Perhaps the most impressive change is the sudden loss of the trackball which is to be replaced with a touch sensitive ‘optical trackball.’

    Upon a closer inspection at the pictures, a good portion of the design has also been changed. The LCD protector now extends downwards to incorporate the bar which contains the selection keys. This streamlining being well received by fans. Another new feature is represented by the gaps which separate the hang up and accept call buttons, now replaced with blue LED strips.blackberry-curve-8520-gemini-rm-eng

    Other cosmetic changes include a rubberized perimeter and a ‘Curve’ logo on the back situated next to the camera lens. Just above, BlackBerry have placed dedicated media buttons along the top ridge of the device, which users seem to be excited about. The designers also have removed the flash for the camera.

    There is not a great deal of news on the ‘under the hood’ modifications. Still no 3G support which is a real disappointment for BlackBerry users but there is retained support for the slightly quicker EDGE should your network provider support it. Wifi connectivity is also staying, along with the same layout on the Home Screen.

    Overall the updated design features have been well received by BlackBerry fans and they seem excited about its release. You can check it out on ‘Crackberry or Engadget. Take a look at the fourth image down, am I the only one who thinks the reverse looks remarkably like an iPhone?

    News source:,

    Windows Live Messenger For BlackBerry

    Messenger Stuff discovered Windows Live Messenger is now also available for the BlackBerry:

    Now Windows Live Messenger is compatible with the current leader in smartphones, the BlackBerry.

    …The client in simple and lightweight, but like the BlackBerry’s user base, is designed for productive users. All in all this is a simple application, but if you’re a Blackberry user, who natively uses Windows Live ID, it is a must.


    Download Windows Live Messenger for the BlackBerry

    News source:

    Unfortunately I could not get this to install on my Blackberry 8800 at this point in time. Maybe when 02 release the long overdue 02 certified firmware upgrade I could get to install this.

    Microsoft and RIM to Bring Windows Live Services to BlackBerry Smartphone Customers

    SEATTLE, Wash., and WATERLOO, Ontario — May 12, 2008 — Microsoft Corp. and Research In Motion (RIM) today announced an agreement to provide Microsoft Windows Live services on BlackBerry® smartphones. As a result of this collaboration, BlackBerry smartphone customers will enjoy easy mobile access to Windows Live Messenger and an enhanced level of integration between Windows Live Hotmail and the BlackBerry platform.

    The integration of Windows Live services into the BlackBerry platform will allow customers who use Windows Live Hotmail and Windows Live Messenger on their BlackBerry smartphone to benefit from the BlackBerry platform architecture with the ability to communicate in real time using push technology, and an exceptional mobile communications experience. Customers will also be able to seamlessly access their Windows Live Hotmail and Windows Live Messenger account from their BlackBerry smartphone by simply entering their Windows Live e-mail address and password once.

    “The BlackBerry platform is respected around the world for providing optimized messaging capabilities, and RIM continues to look for ways to provide customers with a wide range of communications options and the best possible mobile experience,” said Mark Guibert, vice president, Corporate Marketing at RIM. “Our relationship with Microsoft and the addition of Windows Live services to BlackBerry smartphones help us build on that strategy for our customers.”

    View: Microsoft Press Release

    Delay seen for RIM’s new BlackBerry

    Research in Motion (RIMM) is facing a delay with the introduction of its new hotly anticipated 3G BlackBerry phone for AT&T (ATT).

    The release of the phone, apparently named Meteor, has been pushed to as late as August, from the planned June launch, say people close to the companies. The reason for the delay isn’t clear, but people close to the companies say AT&T had concerns about call quality.

    Some of these people speculate however that AT&T may be using a tech glitch as an excuse to avoid having two competing 3G smartphones launch at the same time. Apple’s (AAPL) new iPhone is expected to debut in June, and analysts have speculated that the release will likely coincide with the one-year anniversary of the original iPhone, which is June 27.

    AT&T declined to comment. A RIM spokeswoman said in an e-mail that the company does not discuss unannounced products or comment on “rumors and speculation.”

    The delay of the new BlackBerry comes at a particularly sensitive time for RIM. As product cycles and phone fashions go, the current crop of BlackBerries – the Curve, the Pearl, etc. – are due for a refresh as demand slows. Among the big things expected from RIM was the first 3G version of BlackBerry, being called Meteor or the 8900. It is a black phone with a silver metal edge, curved corners and a flatter Qwerty keyboard than the namesake bumpy berry-skin keypad.

    A new product delay from June to August would mean fewer phone shipments and lower subscriber growth than some may be expecting in the company’s fiscal second quarter ending Aug. 30.

    AT&T and Verizon (VZ) represent about 40% of RIM’s new subscriber growth, according to an estimate by TD Newcrest analyst Chris Umiastowski, who recently cut his fiscal first-quarter subscriber estimates for RIM based on expectations of slower sales. Umiastowski now expects full-year RIM subscriber gains of 10.4 million, down from a 11.5 million prior forecast.

    Umiamstowski has not based his estimates on RIM’s 3G phone introductions.

    RIM is also expected to introduce a touch-screen 3G BlackBerry 9000 later in the year that is aimed directly at the iPhone.

    News source: Fortune at CNN

    New Blackberry Update Details

    Let’s face it – the BlackBerry line isn’t as cool as the iPhone and other multimedia phones. So it’s good to know that Research in Motion (RIM) is working to improve the software in the competitive mobile phone market. PC Magazine has posted an article regarding the newest BlackBerry software update which wireless providers should be releasing shortly. The biggest new features are the ability to display HTML email, edit Microsoft Office documents and to stream media from places such as YouTube.

    This version was originally known as 4.3.1 but will officially be called 4.5.

    Here’s the scoop by model number:

    Note that an H designates a feature available on the handheld, and and S for the server.

    If you have a BlackBerry Pearl 8100 or BlackBerry 8800, you’ll get:

    • Spell check (H)
    • BlackBerry Maps with Points of Interest (H)
    • Improved media player with playlist support and automatic playlist generation (H)
    • Voice note recording (H)
    • Streaming support for YouTube and Sling Player (H)
    • Bluetooth stereo music (H)
    • Microsoft Office document editing with DocumentsToGo (H)
    • Native format attachment downloading (S)
    • HTML e-mails (S)
    • Over-the-air device upgrades (S)
    • Free/busy calendar lookup (S)
    • Searching the server for old e-mail messages (S)

    Full story and other models to be updated here: