BlackBerry Curve 8520 ‘Gemini’ discovered

Images of the new BlackBerry Curve 8520 smartphone have just been leaked for our viewing pleasure. The updated device boasts some interesting new features from its designers at Research in Motion, which come as an addition to that available on the high street at the moment.

Perhaps the most impressive change is the sudden loss of the trackball which is to be replaced with a touch sensitive ‘optical trackball.’

Upon a closer inspection at the pictures, a good portion of the design has also been changed. The LCD protector now extends downwards to incorporate the bar which contains the selection keys. This streamlining being well received by fans. Another new feature is represented by the gaps which separate the hang up and accept call buttons, now replaced with blue LED strips.blackberry-curve-8520-gemini-rm-eng

Other cosmetic changes include a rubberized perimeter and a ‘Curve’ logo on the back situated next to the camera lens. Just above, BlackBerry have placed dedicated media buttons along the top ridge of the device, which users seem to be excited about. The designers also have removed the flash for the camera.

There is not a great deal of news on the ‘under the hood’ modifications. Still no 3G support which is a real disappointment for BlackBerry users but there is retained support for the slightly quicker EDGE should your network provider support it. Wifi connectivity is also staying, along with the same layout on the Home Screen.

Overall the updated design features have been well received by BlackBerry fans and they seem excited about its release. You can check it out on ‘Crackberry or Engadget. Take a look at the fourth image down, am I the only one who thinks the reverse looks remarkably like an iPhone?

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