About Me

Professional/Career Details:
Since I was about 7 years old (can’t remember exact age) at home I discovered computers, an Amstrad 6128. Little did I know that this would lead to where I am today.
During my early years computers were mainly a hobby and little more than a form of toy to me.

During my Secondary School years I’ve been helping fellow students with IT coursework etc, Operating Systems involved were RiscOS 3 on the Acorns and Windows 95 on the PC’s
During that I helped with some minor repair tasks and offering limited assistance to my IT Teacher.

In 1998, after I left school I went onto college. During my year there I pretty much did the same during my school years, but during the final months I helped in disinfecting the computers in the classrooms where I was studying in and this is when I first my future boss.

After about several months of IT Training and other short term jobs I returned to college to take up the post of Network Technician.

Software / Hardware experience:

My experience with hardware support includes, but is not limited to Motherboard & CPU upgrades, RAM upgrades, Hard Drive upgrades & replacements, installation of CD-ROM’s, modems, sound cards, and scanners among many other types of hardware.

My software experience includes a variety of Microsoft Operating Systems and recently been looking at Mac OS X.  On the application side,  MS Office, IIS, Apache HTTP Server, ISA Server and Exchange Server.

I have limited experience with MySQL and PHP which powers websites like Moodle and WordPress. I also have experience with Cisco Switches and Routers and I’m working towards a MCSE in Windows Server 2003 by Summer 2010.