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Blog now hosted by

In case you haven’t noticed, for the past 2 to 3 weeks this blog has been offline due to me taking my personal webserver (hosted at my flat) offline after a nasty electric bill. So since then I was looking at alternative hosting options. I’ve settled after recommendation to switch over to 1and1 from my previous domain provider (Netbenefit) and host the blog there as Netbenefit could not host WordPress it seems and found it hard to even call their support centre.

After a little bit of trial and error I got WordPress hosted and the blog was fully restored last night and am now a happy 1and1 customer.

Finally moved out

On October 8th I finally moved out of my parents house to a flat of my own, well renting it anyway. Since then this website has been unavailable and only just restored it this morning to blog this post as of now.

I’ve finally got used to living on my own with no one bothering me so going well I think. The place is a 1 bed flat with balcony and over looks a communal garden so will be good in the Summer and due to the close proximity of Farnborough Airport it will be good for the Farnborough International Airshow I should get a good view if it from the balcony.

Brian destroys the Virgin Radio Beatles Back catalogue


I listened to this live on Virgin Radio the last week could not stop chuckling at work for several minutes. I find this rather funny myself.

Farnborough Sixth Form College tops Southern England table.

Farnborough Sixth Form College achieved the best results out of all colleges in the south of England, according to the league tables published yesterday (11 January 2006) by the government.  According to the tables, the average A level points score per student of 1002.3 makes it the top college in Hampshire, Surrey, Sussex and the whole of southern Britain, and second in the entire country.

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The examination room of the future – today! An assessment first for Farnborough Sixth Form College

On Wednesday 13 December at Farnborough Sixth Form College eighty students took their IT Key Skills – Level 2 exams. Nothing unusual about that, you may say, but all the students were in the same room and sitting next to each other completing the assessment on-line. What made this different was the use of privacy filters to prevent learners seeing each other’s work.

Privacy filters have been developed by 3M for use in the business and commercial setting, to prevent sensitive on-screen information from being viewed by others, typically when executives are working whilst travelling in planes or trains. Neighbours in adjacent seats are unable to read a laptop screen with a privacy filter in place.

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