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BBC Radio 6Music invades Radio 4

BBC Radio 6Music lade an unplanned visit on Radio 4’s frequencies on Thursday Evening. The 7pm News bulletin get’s interrupted with Wednesday Week by The Undertones for just under 3 minuets before the problem is resolved but not before the start of The Archers was also missed. An apology was broadcast at the end of The Archers.

The problem was down to BBC Radio 6Music switching output from London to Manchester for Marc Riley’s programme.

Listen back to this unusual event below or download the MP3.

End of the recession and Upshares Downshares

Today the UK finally came out of it’s recession at long last. The PM programme has been charting the economic crisis daily from November 2008 with a slot named by the listeners as Upshares Downshares.

Out of the blue listeners started sending in their rendition and interpretations of the theme music. So each week listeners were greeted with a different rendition sent in by the listeners.

Listeners have expressed interest in a charity CD with all the versions of the theme music and the BBC are looking into whether that’s possible.

Below is the extended version by the BBC Philharmonic Orchestra.

Latest on the PM weather experiment

Bit late but here is the latest anyway. Following the experiment on PM which has received a great response from the listeners and a few suggestions. The format is here to stay.

On Friday Denis Nowlan, Network Manager of Radio 4 has announced that the new format is going to be rolled out for all of Radio 4’s weather bulletins.

This came into effect on Monday starting with the Today Programme and personally I quite like the new style. It’s allot more clearer and easier to understand. The “weather map” for the new style is posted in the previous blog post.

New style PM Programme weather forecast

I’ve been an avid listener to Radio 4’s PM Programme for some time and they do take listeners views seriously.

The new weather style started after listeners commented that they don’t remember what the weather forecast was or what the weather is going to be due to the sometimes vague and general way it’s presented on the programme.

In this experiment the PM weather forecast will be presented in a “Shipping Forecast” style with distinct signposting and will follow a set order (weather permitting).

Below is the PM Programme Weather map that the presenters will follow. More information here.


Top Gear’s Stig to be unveiled Tonight

“The Stig” from Top Gear is scheduled to be unveiled in Tonight’s Top Gear on BBC Two.

Jeremy Clarkson witting in his column in today’s Sun Newspaper say’s Stig’s identity would be a "staggering surprise" to viewers.

I personally can’t wait to see who The Stig really is. Top gear is on BBC Two at 8pm.

Source story here:

Bank charges court test to open

Banks and their customers are awaiting the start of a High Court test case which could bring a fundamental change to UK High Street banking.

The outcome may decide how much banks can charge millions of account holders who go overdrawn without permission.

The Office of Fair Trading (OFT) is challenging seven leading retail banks and the Nationwide building society.

The regulator claims the banks’ overdraft charges are unfair, but the banks say they are entirely legal.

"We have always believed that what we are doing is correct and legal," said a spokeswoman for the British Bankers’ Association (BBA).

"We are confident and think the hearing is an important opportunity to bring some clarity to the legal position," she added.

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Fossett sought via Google Earth

Images from Google Earth are being enrolled in the search for adventurer Steve Fossett.

Many people are scouring up-to-date satellite images of Nevada to try to spot Mr Fossett’s downed plane or wreckage.

The project is being co-ordinated via Amazon’s human-powered problem solving scheme called the Mechanical Turk.

It comes after a frustrating weekend in which searchers failed to turn up any sign of Mr Fossett.

More on the story:

Facebook court hearing is delayed

A hearing into the case against the founder of the social networking website Facebook has been postponed by the judge until 8 August.

Three founders of a rival site, ConnectU, say Facebook’s creator Mark Zuckerberg stole their idea for the site while they were all at Harvard.

The judge has given ConnectU’s founders extra time to flesh out their case.

Facebook’s lawyers denied the allegations and urged Judge Douglas Woodlock to dismiss the case.

The Federal case accuses Mr Zuckerberg of fraud and misappropriation of trade secrets, and asks for ConnectU to be given ownership of Facebook.

Facebook has become a global phenomenon with about 31 million users, compared with ConnectU’s 70,000.

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Unruly students’ Facebook search

Students at Oxford University are being warned that university authorities are using the Facebook website to gain evidence about unruly post-exam pranks.

The student union has urged students to tighten their security settings on the social networking website, to stop dons viewing their details.

The union said, while it did not condone anti-social behaviour, the privacy of students was paramount.

But the university said there had been complaints about students’ behaviour.

On its website, the Oxford University Student Union warns: "We advise those of you with Facebook accounts to alter your privacy settings on Facebook to prohibit members of staff and faculty from viewing your profile and photographs.

more on his story:

My comment: Personally I can not see what the issue is, why does confetti, streamers, glitter, etc have to be an issue? How else do you celebrate your exam results on the road in question? It can be easily cleaned up. If there was criminal damage or behaviour then yes to punish them but come on Oxford get with the times.

Yes, it really is happening

THE £80 million redevelopment of Farnborough town centre began this week with the start of a demolition programme to remove 1960s shops and flats.

After nearly a decade of planning and preparation, more than 100,000 sq ft of outdated retail and residential accommodation is being demolished.

In addition to demolition starting, this week has seen the submission of a planning application for a cinema complex at the site to Rushmoor Borough Council.

The demolition, due to last four months, will enable developers Key Property Investments (KPI) to begin transforming the shopping and town centre.

After demolition, gas and water pipes, phone lines, main sewers, fibre optics and electricity lines will be laid to prepare for the new foundations of buildings. This is scheduled to finish by the end of the year.

Construction of the 50,000 sq ft Sainsbury’s store and the 30 new shop units will start early next year.

Article contunes on the Surrey and Hampshire Star website