Virgin Media to offer 100Mbps cable broadband by end of year.

Virgin Media, the UK’s leading internet service provider, today announced it would begin the roll-out of a 100Mb broadband service, the fastest available commercial product in the UK, by the end of 2010.

Virgin Media customers will be the first to get broadband speeds more than 24 times the average speed provided by other ISPs. The new speed tier is designed for tech-savvy users who want the very best the internet has to offer, and will act as Virgin Media’s flagship product in a strong portfolio of broadband speeds.

Virgin Media already leads the market for next generation broadband services in the UK and will have increased its top broadband tier from 20Mb to 100Mb in less than two years. By leveraging the technological superiority of its fibre optic cable network, the company has brought next generation internet speeds to 12.6 million homes throughout the country and is the only mass-market provider of ultrafast speeds in the UK. In addition, Virgin Media’s cable network means it is able to deliver very close to advertised headline speeds, unlike its ADSL competitors, or that claimed by other operators’ embryonic investment in fibre.

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