Facebook Party turns into ‘riot’

A party advertised on Facebook quickly descended into a ‘riot’ after 100 people descended on a joint house party in 2 adjoining flats in a previously converted house in Chapel Lane, Farnborough, Hampshire.

It took police officers from both Hampshire and Surrey Police an hour and a half to restore order which involved a dog section and a police helicopter to deal with the crowd.

According to The Evening Standard Jordon says, "I have no regrets at all. It was a great party. I am well proud that people are saying it cost the police £10,000. My mates are saying what a sick party it was – the best yet. Seventy or eighty police officers came down for a house party! I have put my street on the map."

Seva described the party as "pretty good", but admitted events had spiralled out of control and according to the BBC since apologised.

There is now a public outcry for the pair to be held responsible for the £10,000 while their family apologies to the local community.

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