Facebook reaches out to users about policies

Facebook is following up on recent news about them changing their Terms of Service, with a backlash from users worldwide in an uproar about Facebook owning people’s content, than an update to revert back to the old Terms of Service.

Facebook’s new introduction includes "Facebook Principles" and "Statement of Rights and Responsibilities". The Principals serves as the guiding framework behind any policy Facebook considers, or the reason for not considering others. The second Statement of Rights and Responsibilities will replace the existing Terms of Service.

Before Facebook makes any of these documents official, they are looking for user’s feedback and comments on the new changes. There are also groups about either policy on Facebook to voice your opinion directly to the Facebook team.

With a costly mistake last time that could have cost Facebook the race for dominance in the social networking game. It doesn’t come as a surprise that Facebook is reaching out to users for feedback before making any changes that could critically damage the company’s reputation.

Source: Neowin.net

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